People on a Path

People on a Path is a life skills development initiative from RHD Boston that highlights community members, artists, and businesses, all working together to promote social inclusion, employment possibilities, and leadership skills for the ID/DD, and autism communities.

People on a Path works with local artists to auction and display a professional art piece exemplifying the process of “pathing up.” In exchange for accepting the minimum bid of $250, artists that contribute a piece will be granted a feature spotlight on our auction website and link to their professional page. Local businesses can choose to commission an artist by donating the material cost of the “Path Up” template at $100 per donation. Businesses can also display the completed art piece during the auction timeline, spanning from Memorial Day to Labor Day. In exchange for their support, all businesses will receive a feature spotlight on our website and link to their homepage. The auction will be hosted on the “bidding for good” website, a bidding war platform that traffics more than 450,000 regular viewers.

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Individuals involved in the nine-month initiative will follow a curriculum highlighting relationship building skills, including: Manners, Morals, Respect, Character, Common Sense, Trust, Patience, Class, Integrity, and Love.

Alongside volunteer partners, individuals will reach out to their communities and market the “People on a Path” initiative. By gaining community connections and furthering opportunities for employment, we are empowering our individuals to recognize their own abilities. Each individual’s participation in the program is tailored to display and strengthen their specific capabilities. Profits raised through the art auction will support employment education and further life-skills building initiatives.

People on a Path is a locally-supported life-skills development initiative creating opportunities for individuals to become fully engaged in their communities. We strive to create a sense of belonging — becoming part of the community rather than just living in it. The project allows individuals to explore potential opportunities for employment based on their interests by using a supervised, volunteer-entered approach. this process will focus on strengthening relationships between local businesses, active community members, and local organizations.