“A Ray of Sunshine”

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In March of 2022, Jiaire received the ARC of Lehigh & Northampton Counties Personal Achievement 2022 Award.

Jiaire is a young woman with an infectious smile and a love for life. In 2020, Jiaire came to RHD Lifesharing, requiring intensive support and full physical assistance to complete all activities of daily living (ADL) — including using the restroom, walking, and navigating stairs — due to her unsteady gait and generalized weakness in her legs. She was a quiet, reserved individual who liked to play with her dolls and did not interact much with others independently.

Over this past year, Jiaire has demonstrated tremendous personal growth. She has fostered an incredible bond with her Lifesharing provider, Cossy, a former DSP of over 30 years. Through trust in her provider and consistent modeling, prompting, and choices offered, Jiaire found her voice. She now advocates for herself and shares her opinions with others on a consistent basis.

A recent defining moment of growth for Jiaire occurred during her annual individual support plan meeting. She expressed her displeasure for volunteering for cleaning tasks and wanted to instead volunteer with puppies and cats, so her services were adjusted accordingly. Jiaire has also increased her self-confidence and shown an incredible drive to be more independent. Jiaire will request to try her ADL tasks independently first. Through consistent practice, modeling, and verbal guidance from her provider, Jiaire has increased her skill level across the board. She has progressed from needing full physical assistance to now completing personal hygiene and toileting tasks independently with only occasional prompting.

Jiaire has also integrated Amazon Alexa assistive technology into her daily routine to become even more independent. She can now perform tasks she previously could not do on her own, such as search for her favorite Disney Princess movies on her smart TV, listen to songs and audiobooks, check the weather, or call friends.

Perhaps Jiaire’s most incredible personal accomplishment is her improved strength and trust with her mobility. Through Lifesharing, Jiaire has increased her community access and involvement with more opportunities to walk and move, thereby strengthening her legs and reducing her fall risk. Jiaire is so proud to have her physical support plan discontinued for walking and navigating stairs. She has learned to use handrails and pace herself so she remains steady. Jiaire is also very comfortable asking for assistance if she needs it.

Overall, Jiaire’s quality of life and personal achievement has flourished in the past year. She is a ray of sunshine and inspires everyone around with her kindness and positivity. Jiaire’s entire team looks forward to celebrating her continued growth and success with Lifesharing.