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Dear Friend of RHD,

While no one could have predicted the road ahead of us, our communities met unprecedented challenges with inspiring resilience and determination. Resources for Human Development (RHD) continues to look up, look out, and look forward as we remain committed to providing high-quality services while navigating a “new normal.” We have learned to find innovative solutions to complex issues and challenges. With our Values guiding us, we worked together to stay safe and healthy while tailoring our services to best meet the needs of each individual we serve, no matter the challenges they may face.

In times of uncertainty such as this, we see the best of our community emerge. We remain steadfast and committed to the work ahead of us which includes establishing a value-based service delivery model, using voice recognition and other adaptive technology modalities, and creating the first family health and birth center in Philadelphia. We look forward to continued growth and successful collaborations with our donors and friends – like you!

During this holiday season, please consider making a gift to RHD. The people we serve rely on the generosity of supporters who believe that every person should be treated with dignity and have the opportunity to develop their full potential. We have approximately 160 programs in 12 states across the country that serve over 50,000 individuals within the following service lines: Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesAddiction RecoveryWomen & ChildrenYouth DevelopmentBehavioral HealthHomelessnessFamily Health & Counseling, and Veterans.

Lastly, RHD will continue to enrich people’s lives long into the future. I hope that you are able to assist us in providing creative, trauma-informed services to our community. Now, more than ever, our community needs us. And we need you!

With my thanks and very best wishes.


Marco Giordano


Please read how we’re helping people live their most productive lives…


Meet Clentel

Clentel found himself living in a shelter after a long-term relationship ended and he lost his permanent residence. Thankfully, he connected with RHD’s Street2Feet, the only day shelter and outreach program for adults who are homeless or facing homelessness in Monroe County, PA. They helped Clentel get back on his feet – he’s now living on his own and only receiving services from their aftercare program. Read more!

Sharing Life on the Farm

Rosita Johnson and husband, Carl, had never heard of Lifesharing until a caseworker suggested the program for their medically fragile daughter who had been living in a group home. Her health issues were so severe, one of her legs was in danger of amputation. Since becoming Lifesharing providers, the couple and their daughter are now thriving on their family farm – even welcoming another Lifesharing participant into their lives. Read more!

Meet Nurse Tarik Khan from RHD’s FPCN

Amid a constantly changing health landscape, nurses like Tarik Khan, from RHD’s FPCN program, showed up for underserved communities, bringing ingenuity and innovation to those who needed it most. Khan launched a home visit program to get low-income, or homebound individuals, registered for COVID-19 vaccines and administered them himself, when possible. He also appeared in local media to raise public awareness about vaccine science and successfully engaged the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to update local regulations to support more equitable access to immunizations for communities of color. Read more!

Meet U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Tim

After his return home from a mission in Iraq, Tim, a United States Marine Corps veteran, suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. He was battling addiction and arrested for various offenses, including aggravated assault. Tim found solace and help to reintegrate into society through RHD’s Healing Ajax, a peer support group in which veterans share their trauma and coping skills with comrades who are going through similar experiences. Listen to Tim Story!