School Therapeutic Services

RHD’s School Therapeutic Services is an intensive, short-term service offered in selected schools in the Philadelphia School District. This program was developed to support students whose emotional and behavioral issues create barriers to their school success.

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Treatment Methods

Treatment methods include: a Lead Clinician (LC) will teach clients/adolescents to appropriately and independently address daily concerns and obstacles experienced with others (peers, parents, school/camp personnel, etc.) within school and/or camp settings; Mobile Therapy provides intensive therapeutic services to children/adolescents and their family members outside a traditional office setting (within the home, school, community center, after-school program, church, camp, extended family member’s residence, etc.); and Group Therapeutic Staff Support (GTSS) will provide either consecutive or simultaneous TSS services to more than one child/adolescent within a home, community, school and/or camp setting. Group TSS service is appropriate for children and adolescents who do not require intensive one-to-one intervention but still require redirection and support to maintain their current level of placement.

Duration of Treatment

Authorizations are provided for six months. 

Admission Criteria

Children/adolescents must be of school age and meet the eligibility criteria to participate in Pennsylvania’s Healthchoices Programs. Programs and referrals must have an Axis I diagnosis from the DSM made by a licensed psychologist or licensed physician. The child must also attend one of the 10 schools within which RHD provides School Therapeutic Services. The potential client must complete a Comprehensive Biopsychosocial Evaluation and provide paperwork showing eligibility for Medical Assistance. They must also provide family court papers, if in placement.

Referral Sources

Referrals are received from parents, schools, CBH, or other behavioral health providers.