RHD Rhode Island School Services

RHD-RI School Services program is fully committed to preparing students for life after high school by providing them with hands-on community based experiences within real life settings. Participants take part in supported employment internships that encourage vocational development, life skills enhancement and provide opportunities for social inclusion. Emphasis is placed on identifying and developing the skills required for success in the workplace. Businesses can directly impact the future of our students by providing them with a real life setting in which they can develop the social skills and work habits needed to successfully enter the job force. Each student trials jobs in their community at which time will be accompanied by a specially trained job coach who will support them 100% of the time to ensure their safety, productivity and accuracy. We take full responsibility for our students and their actions and can provide liability documentation upon request. In essence, we create a classroom in the community. One that addresses academics in a functional manner and provides students with experiences that enhance their future potential.

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  • 2001

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  • Katherine Brinkman, Director

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