JUST Listening

JUST Listening fosters personal, organizational, and social change and transformation through the teaching and practice of conscious, intentional, compassionate, non-egoic and non­judgmental communication skills, especially listening. JUST Listening provides effective communication training and services to a variety of organizations as well as those working in or living on the margins.

JUST Listening provides a range of trainings and workshops designed to encourage and facilitate the acquisition of transformational listening skills. Individual and group coaching and facilitation is available for those seeking to improve work environments and effectiveness through enhanced, whole-hearted communication. JUST Listening workshops are customized for each individual or organization and are designed to provide participants at all competency levels with improved communication skills, leadership tools, and work attitudes and behaviors that result in personal, organizational, and social change and transformation. JUST Listening also provides volunteer listening serves to those working in or living on the margins of society by stationing trained listeners at host sites that offer complementary services.

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  • 2018

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  • Sharon Browning, Director

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