DASH II (Durham Adult Supported Housing)

The DASH II Program is a residential supervised living program designed for consumers who have been dually diagnosed with both a developmental disability and a mental health diagnosis. DASH II is targeted at individuals who would find more intensive settings unnecessary and who are working towards maximizing their ability to live independently. The Program focus is on learning all skills necessary to live as independently as possible, increasing community participation, further developing naturally occurring support systems, and achieving all person-centered goals. Each consumer lives in their own apartment and has on-site staff support. The site is staffed from 8 am to midnight, 7 days per week, thus any consumer must have the ability to safely remain in their living space a minimum of 8-hours per day, unsupervised. There is an on-call number provided from midnight to 8 am.

DASH II Offers:

RHD’s psychiatrist visits approximately one time per two weeks for medication management and other services.

Please direct all admission/referral questions to ncreferral@rhd.org or Dametra.Harris@rhd.org.

The referral form can be found here.

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Donate to this Program


  • Dametra Harris, Program Manager
  • Nicholas Hobbs, State Director

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