CEO Marco Giordano

Resources for Human Development, a national human services nonprofit with headquarters in Philadelphia, announced Dec. 18, 2017 that Marco Giordano has been appointed by the Board of Directors to the permanent position of Chief Executive Officer.

“Marco brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this role, an untiring work ethic, and an ardent commitment to the values and culture of the corporation,” RHD Board of Directors Chairman Michael Denomme said. “The Board is confident that he will provide the kind of wise, vibrant and empowering leadership that will enable RHD to continue its remarkable success as a highly effective and innovative human service organization.”

“I am honored, and very grateful to the board, for the opportunity to lead this extraordinary organization of caring, exceptional people dedicated to serving people across the country,” Giordano said. “The excellence of RHD’s person-centered, trauma-informed services will always be our highest priority. I am excited to lead RHD into the future, as all of us work together to make sure RHD is always a place that believes every person should be treated with respect and dignity, and have the opportunity to develop to their full potential.”

Giordano joined RHD in February 2007, as Chief Accounting Officer and has been a member of RHD’s Executive Management Team since 2008. He became Chief Financial Officer in 2013.

A Certified Public Accountant since 1996, Giordano joined RHD after five years of public accounting experience at Cogen Sklar Levick (now Morison Cogen LLP) and nine years at Temple University Hospital. Giordano attended Widener University and graduated with a BBA in Accounting.

In 2015 RHD developed its current Strategic Plan, which reflects four main objectives:

  • Establish RHD as a Center of Excellence in providing person-centered, trauma-informed services
  • Establish RHD as an employer of choice, recruiting and investing in our staff
  • Implement an organizational structure that best meets the needs of program participants and staff
  • Diversify revenue sources to ensure RHD’s financial sustainability

We’ve made tremendous progress toward these objectives, including: reorganizing RHD into seven divisions and increasing clinical, quality assurance, human resources and financial personnel; implementing an electronic health record system that will be in place in many programs by June 2018; building relationships with Managed Care Organizations and other community partners; providing technical training, assistance and consultation; taking significant steps toward becoming a trauma-informed organization through participation in a Trauma Informed Learning Community, and more.

We have more work to do in the upcoming year. In our effort to ensure RHD is an employer of choice, we continue to recruit, support, develop, and retain a skilled, caring, creative, and diverse workforce committed to achieving our mission. In addition, we will further our clinical initiatives toward making sure RHD is a Center of Excellence, along with accomplishing our business development goals – including implementing one of the nation’s first Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) demonstration grants. The CCBHC grant was given to only eight states, and RHD’s Lower Merion Counseling Services was awarded funding for the groundbreaking two-year program that will expand and improve behavioral health services.

RHD’s Values-based culture has always made us different, and will continue to make RHD a special place to be. RHD will always be a place that believes every person should be treated with respect and dignity, and have the opportunity to develop to their full potential. At RHD, clients achieve the highest level of independence possible and build their most successful lives; donors, funders and partners have the greatest impact on their communities; employees build careers they can be proud of. When we all come together to create a community called RHD, that’s when we have the opportunity to change people’s lives.

During its lifetime RHD has been able to operate with our Values always leading the way, laying the foundation for motivated, caring, passionate staff to provide quality service since 1970. This will always the be the case. However, with limited financial resources as the result of tightening state budgets, along with the need to increase investments in technology and personnel to manage the complexity brought by high regulation, we must now be more intentional about maintaining our Values-based culture. RHD’s culture can’t be taken for granted. We must fight for it; we have to work to maintain it every day. During the next year we’ll be working toward a reinvigoration of our Values, strengthening our culture and ensuring our Values are alive for another 50 years.

Quality Service is not only one of our Values; it’s the most important aspect of what we do. The excellence of RHD’s person-centered, trauma-informed services will always be our highest priority. That’s certainly about more than one person; that’s about all of us at RHD working to make sure RHD always delivers the highest quality services that improve the lives of the individuals we serve. Everything we do impacts this goal – each of our strategic objectives is linked back to quality service. During the upcoming year we will further our clinical initiatives, continue our focus on outcomes, and continue to be a provider of high-quality clinical services.

It is an unexpected honor to be the CEO of RHD. I am excited to be able to lead the organization and look forward to the work we’ll do. RHD works every day to meet challenges that make our communities better places. To see people change their lives, and know RHD played a part in it, how could you not get excited about that?