“They truly look out for us”

Chris and Craig are brothers who never envisioned themselves becoming homeless — until they were. They are residents at CHOC together.

“Growing up as a kid I saw a lot of homeless people, and I always said, ‘I hope that never happens to me.’ And then it did,” Chris said. “CHOC offered me help and someplace to go. They’re working at helping me get on my feet. I appreciate them.”

Two months later, Craig entered CHOC.

“I thank God I’m here,” Craig said. “By the time I’m out of here, I’ll be on the bandwagon to victory. CHOC is getting me motivated for it.”

J’Phine left an abusive relationship with one bag and nowhere to live. CHOC was there to help.

“Thank God, this is where I ended up. Otherwise, I’d be on the streets,” said J’Phine. “This place is safe. It’s really safe. You connect with the staff. They truly look out for us.”

J’Phine was connected with a CTI worker, a housing coach, a housing locator and a nurse navigator. She received support from CHOC in finding housing, and said she learned the skills necessary to maintain it, adding: “I’m not going back.”

“With our residents, we try to emphasize health, housing and not getting caught in here,” O’Donnell said. “While they are here, we want them to focus on their well-being and health, along with getting connected in the community to services. When they leave here, they have a plan and support as they work towards the goal of being self-reliant.”