The RHD CHIPRA Program is a free service offered by RHD to support families applying for CHIP. RHD CHIPRA supports each applicant in applying for public benefits by offering a Family Benefits Advocate who will meet with the applicant within the home/community setting to identify supporting documents necessary for the application completion, act as a liaison with the County Assistance Office during the application process and follow up annually for application renewals. The Family Benefits Advocate will also reach out to families annually and remind them about renewal applications to promote continuity of benefits.

You may sign up with the RHD CHIPRA Program downloading the referral form and faxing it to 1-888-972-6681 or by calling 215-508-5800 (ext. 1168) or 215-508-3300 (ext. 1168). A Family Benefits Advocate will respond within 24 hours to provide more information.

Contact Us

Once we hear from you, we will be in contact to get some information regarding both you & your family. After that, we might arrange to either have you come to our office … meet you at your home or work … or we’ll even meet you somewhere within the local community that is convenient for you. Since flexibility in scheduling visits is important, we can also accommodate evening and weekend hours as needed.

If you are a local organization looking to make a referral for a family, you can download the referral form here.