Children’s Outreach Services Program

RHD’s Children’s Outreach Services Program (COSP) provides behavioral health services to children/adolescents less than 21 years of age from the Philadelphia area. Many have a history of unsuccessful school, home, and community experiences due to behavioral, social, and emotional issues associated with autism, developmental disorder, trauma/PTSD, psychotic disorders, depression, oppositional defiant disorders, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders. Some children/adolescents may have had numerous hospitalizations or residential placements.

COSP provides immediate behavioral support and intervention to children, adolescents and their families within the environment that is most challenging. In many instances, these services are necessary in order to successfully integrate into their home, school, and community environments and prevent placement and/or re-hospitalization.

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Treatment Methods

Treatment methods include: a Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC or BSC-PA) works in collaboration with members of the treatment team to design, develop and assist in the implementation of a behavior modification plan that has been individualized to meet the child/adolescent and family needs; Mobile Therapy provides intensive therapeutic services to children/adolescents and their family members outside a traditional office setting (such as within the home, school, community center, after-school program, church, camp, extended family member’s residence, etc.); and Therapeutic Staff Support provides one-to-one services as outlined in the child’s/adolescent’s individualized treatment plan, which includes specific interventions as determined by the entire treatment team.

Duration of Treatment

Authorizations are provided for six months to one year. 

Admission Criteria

Children/adolescents must be of school age and meet the eligibility criteria to participate in Pennsylvania’s Healthchoices Programs. Referrals must have an Axis I diagnosis from the DSM made by a licensed psychologist or licensed physician. The potential client must complete a Comprehensive Biopsychosocial Evaluation and provide paperwork showing eligibility for Medical Assistance. They must also provide family court papers, if in placement.

Referral Sources

COSP can receive referrals from parents, schools, CBH, or other behavioral health providers.