Children’s Interim Response Team

RHD’s Children’s Interim Response Team (CIRT) provides emergency behavioral health services to children/adolescents less than 21 years of age from the Philadelphia area that are transitioning out of inpatient hospitalization. CIRT provides community-based intervention for children/adolescents and families; however, these children/adolescents are transitioning from more restrictive levels of care (primarily inpatient hospitalization or residential treatment) back into their natural environments and often display greater acuity in their behaviors than clients in traditional behavioral health rehabilitation services.

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Treatment Methods

Emergency Behavioral Specialist Consultant (EBSC) & Emergency Therapeutic Support Staff (ETSS) are authorized within the CIRT program. CIRT services require emergent, intensive therapeutic support and are authorized by CBH in shorter timeframes (the average length of stay is 30 days). At the time of initial referral, CBH will authorize a child and/or adolescent for a specific amount of EBSC hours to be delivered per week. CBH may also authorize a specific amount of ETSS hours to be delivered per week. As with conventional BSC and TSS, these services can be delivered within the home, school and/or community settings. Location of delivery for BSC hours is determined by the team at intake and can change regularly depending upon intensity and severity of behaviors across settings.

Duration of Treatment

Authorizations are provided monthly and continue until the child/adolescent is transitioned to the next level of care.

Admission Criteria

Children/adolescents must be of school age and meet the eligibility criteria to participate in Pennsylvania’s Healthchoices Programs. Referrals must have an Axis I diagnosis from the DSM made by a licensed psychologist or licensed physician. The potential client must complete a Comprehensive Biopsychosocial Evaluation and provide paperwork showing eligibility for Medical Assistance. They must also provide family court papers, if in placement.

Referral Sources

Referrals are received directly from CBH.