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Larry spent more than 20 years at Beatrice State Developmental Center. Shortly after he entered RHD Nebraska, he was placed in hospice care.

"Even though his circumstances were challenging, Larry deserved a supportive, nurturing environment tailored to his medical needs," RHD Nebraska Program Coordinator Jen Lewis said. "He has a staff that cares for him, and he's happy."

That was 18 months ago. Larry shares a home with Sharon, another RHD client, and three staff. He's 72 years old, and has to be moved at least every two hours to avoid bed sores. The staff assists him in feeding and other Activities of Daily Living. RHD renovated the house to put in wheelchair ramps, and on good days Larry is able to venture out into the community to go shopping or visit the park. Communication can be difficult for him, but when Lewis visits, he visibly brightens and chatters happily with her.

When a photographer asks to take a picture, Larry says: "Make it a good one. People will say I'm a good-looking guy. What a good-looking guy!"

Lewis crouches next to Larry's chair, and Larry smiles at her. He grips her hand tightly, and he doesn't let go.

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