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Dyann Roth grew up at RHD.

In 1991 Dyann joined RHD full time as a Development Associate. She then became RHD’s Organizational Development Coordinator, where she helped create RHD’s Access Team and the corporation’s Leadership Development Program, a dynamic seven-month leadership journey grounded in RHD’s Values. Among her many contributions to RHD’s policies and practices, Dyann helped lead the development of RHD’s Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. Dyann became Director of Corporate Operations in 2008. When RHD initiated its formal leadership succession, Dyann was identified as the next CEO, and formally became the RHD Chief Executive Officer with Bob Fishman’s retirement on September 25, 2013. But her RHD journey began long before that first full-time position.

“I actually started part-time, after school, when I was 15, and worked all through high school and college filling various roles, at Lower Merion Counseling Services and Central Office,” Dyann said. “Each time I had a role, I felt like the piece of RHD I was looking at was the most important. When I worked with New Beginnings programs, I felt like those programs were the most critical pieces at RHD. When I worked in the Access Team, I thought the work we were doing was so crucial, and I got to see so many different programs and departments; that was a really broad touch for the organization. When I worked in the fiscal department, I felt like that was the most important department.

“That helped me understand that every person has the experience that their role at RHD is really essential. And it is. But it’s only one part. So I feel like all my RHD experience has prepared me to see the whole picture. I know there are people fulfilling roles where I haven’t walked in those shoes, so I don’t know what that’s like. But I get that the folks in those shoes feel like that’s the most critical piece of RHD.

“As CEO, I feel like I have an opportunity to connect with more people across the organization who are doing really cool things and are really excited about it. I get amazed every day. I’m so in awe of so many people who are part of RHD; I always feel like I learn stuff from them. There’s a strength that I don’t encounter in other aspects of my life. And now we have an opportunity to learn from each other, support each other and build on each other’s ideas. At RHD, we believe that when you get a group of engaged people together, anything is possible. This role allows me to step back from the day-to-day a little bit, and help people step back from it, too, and say: What are we trying to do? And, what are we excited about? And, in doing that, I get excited.”

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