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Best. Healthcare. Ever.

06/22/2011 1:10:58 PM
We've had the healthcare debate in this country. We've argued it, and argued it. The U.S. for-profit healthcare system delivers consistently works worse than government healthcare in every other industrialized nation in the world, and we pay way more for it. Worse, and more expensive.

If this was a car, and it cost more and performed worse, no one would buy it. But still we have this ridiculous argument about healthcare because people cling to the worse and more expensive model, because otherwise it's socialism or whatever. Fine. Let's not argue anymore. Just answer me this:

James Richard Verone spent his whole life playing by the rules and staying out of trouble. Having worked as a delivery man for Coca Cola for 17 years, Verone was known as a hard worker and honest man.

Yet when he was laid off from Coca Cola three years ago, Verone was desperate to find work. He eventually found employment as a convenience clerk, yet he began to notice a protrusion in his chest. He developed arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, and soon the pain became too much for him to bear. He filed for disability, but he was denied any sort of coverage by the federal government.

So earlier this month, Verone drove to a local RBC Bank and told the teller he was robbing them for a dollar. He said he wanted to rob the bank in order to go to jail and get medical coverage…

So. I can't argue this anymore. I'm at my emotional ebb ...

Let's instead try to figure out what to do for James. Change.org is organizing a petition where you can ask Coca-Cola, who employed James for years before laying him off because they had to squeak by on $35 billion last year and pay their CEO $24.7 million, and, you know, that sort of thing requires people to tighten their belts and all, to pay for James' medical care. If you'd like to check that out, you can do it here.

But if you want to argue healthcare still, don't argue with me. Take it up with James. You can reach him prison, where he's probably doing much better considering that he's finally getting government health care ...

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