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Resources for Human Development believes that economic development is an integral part of our social responsibility. RHD and its subsidiaries invest in crossover businesses – for-profit companies with nonprofit ideals or sustainable nonprofit businesses with commercial activities that support a social agenda.

RHD founded Murex Investments in 1998 to provide capital to small businesses that create quality jobs for low- to moderate-income employees. 

'A lot of people said no. Bob said: Sure.'

For 40 years, Resources for Human Development has been a place where good ideas could become reality. RHD's for-profit crossover enterprises have been a place where creative thinking can can be successful, and make a difference. Read about Kim Crew and Lighthouse Ventures, one of the great entrepreneurial success stories at RHD.

Socially-responsible business programs like these promote economic development that benefits those who need it most, and spur growth in our most vulnerable communities. Please click on the links provided below for more information on our economic development programs.

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