RHD is a diversified human services nonprofit serving people of all abilities with more than 160 programs in 14 states.

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RHD has been serving at-risk youth for nearly 20 years.  We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of progressive societal change with our innovative and individualized approach towards serving those who need us.

Offering an array of services that aim to meet the needs of underserved youth, RHD functions to achieve productive and emotionally fulfilling development among children and young adults.  RHD supports community-based programs such as Children's Outreach Services Program that function to dissolve behavioral and developmental barriers that hinder a child’s opportunity for progress.

With an emphasis on a secure, therapeutic environment, programs such as
Stepping Stones are designed to support RHD’s respectful and unique method for serving at risk youth.  Since 2004, Stepping Stones has provided mental health services and education to elementary-aged children.  With a multidisciplinary treatment team, this program aims to emphasize individual value and education through various therapy-oriented practices.

All the programs listed below assist individuals in the field of youth development. Please click on the links for more information.