RHD is a diversified human services nonprofit serving people of all abilities with more than 160 programs in 15 states.

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Everybody deserves a place to call home.

From shelters and safe havens to supported independent living and homeownership opportunities, Resources for Human Development helps people of all abilities pursue their dreams of permanent shelter.

The Woodstock Family Center offers emergency shelter for mothers with minor children where a family shelter support team (FaSST) directs them other appropriate community services and agencies. RHD's Womanspace programs support women with not only chronic homelessness issues but also addictions and mental illnesses, offering individual and group therapy with the aim of reintegration into the community. 

We also offer a variety of services designed to help move families from homelessness to homeownership, through innovative programs like Endow-A-Home, which provides affordable housing and case management services to help motivated women achieve self-sufficiency. You can find these and other programs to fit your needs from the list provided below.

Going home

At RHD Fernwood, which provides emergency housing for single men in Philadelphia, staffers went to extraordinary lengths to locate a client's family and get him home. Read about Mr. Sam and RHD case manager Sheena High, and the story of a man finally finding his family and getting home

In 2010, in partnership with men, women and families in its homeless shelters, RHD launched One Step Away, Philadelphia's first newspaper "produced by those without homes for those with homes." The monthly publication is not only largely written by shelter residents but also distributed on the city's streets by them for nominal donations that can be used for an apartment security deposit, transportation to a job or another necessity to help leave the street behind.

'This place is a new start'

At New Orleans Womanspace, chronically homeless women find a safe haven and a fresh start. Still weathering the storm after Katrina, Womanspace fights severe budget cuts to continue to care for women in need, including female veterans of our military. Read about their story, and how Womanspace is committed to being there for them even in difficult times.