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RHD's history of innovative services began in the behavioral health field, establishing Lower Merion Counseling Services in 1970 in response to a community need for outpatient services. Since then, RHD has expanded to meet a variety of needs, utilizing recovery principles in offering services that range from closely supervised housing and intensive inpatient therapy to outpatient counseling and art programs designed for healing through creativity.

Programs for both children and adults build life skills and self-confidence, removing as many barriers to independent living as possible. Programs such as
RHD's Residential Program in North Carolina stress life skills education, so that adults with mental illnesses may live successfully within their communities. School Therapeutic Services in Philadelphia works with children so they can successfully return to and participate in their local schools.

RHD prides itself on creative approaches to complex challenges. All the programs listed below assist individuals with behavioral health issues. Please click on the links for more information.

'All I wanted was to live a normal life'

Supported Adult Living Teams (SALT) are an example of RHD's dedication to innovative and creative thinking that finds approaches that work. SALT provides flexible services to individuals with severe mental illness, helping them attain independence and freedom. Read about Mia and Joe and the great success stories at SALT.

RHD’s behavioral health programs provide flexible supports that address the ever changing needs of consumers and include support for family members and input for service design from consumers, their families and advocates.

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