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RHD Nebraska-Lincoln

Web Site http://neserviceproviders.org/members/resources-human-development/
Service Areas
  • Behavioral Health
  • Intellectual Disabilities
Description RHD Nebraska-Lincoln provides residential supports to individuals with developmental disabilities in the Lincoln and Beatrice areas. RHD Nebraska specializes in providing true person-centered services to assist individuals in facilitating a meaningful and successful life in their communities. RHD Nebraska is a member of the Nebraska Association of Service Providers (NASP).
  • Kierstin Reed MSW, MPA, Director
  • Janyss Vocasek, Assistant Director
  • Dale Anderson, Corporate Assistant Director
Contacts Phone: 402-261-3528
Fax: 402-261-5268
6120 South 58th St. Suite B
Lincoln, NE 68516
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Start Year 2010
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