RHD is a diversified human services nonprofit serving people of all abilities with more than 160 programs in 15 states.

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At Resources for Human Development, our programs are designed to include family and friends in the process of recovery and growth. Support from loved ones is vital to the progression of our clients, and we treasure your willingness to let us help.  If you or someone you love could benefit from our intellectual disabilities services, don’t hesitate to let us know.

With a safe and supportive method of service, all of our programs intend to find solutions to your obstacles. Where there is a need, RHD will locate people and services that will help you and the people you care about.


'Good morning'

When Randall greeted the staff at RHD Nashville with those two simple words, it was a breakthrough that no one who heard them will ever forget. After 52 years in silence, Randall spoke his first words to RHD caregiver Aerry. Read about Randall's struggle to learn to speak and the extraordinary relationship with Aerry that finally helped him break through.

Families and caregivers can count on RHD for personal, individualized care and the highest-quality service from people who are elite in their field.

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'We're completely pleased'

RHD's companion model of support promotes independence at the highest possible level by allowing the people RHD assists to reside in their own home with a live-in RHD caretaker. Read about how DeeDee, Dawn and others built stability, independence and new friendships.