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  • Spares for the Homeless

    11/30/2012 10:07:03 AM
    Join RHD's One Step Away on December 8 for a fun-filled bowling tournament to support our mission to end homelessness. Spares for the Homeless will be at Liberty Lanes, 6505 Market Street Dec. 8 from 3-7 pm. You can register and find more info on the One Step Away website.One...
  • On Equal Dollars

    11/28/2012 2:52:16 PM
    This morning I read this comment on The Equal Dollars Community Currency Facebook page. I wanted to share this with you. This is one of the many reasons why we are doing what we do. From Desiree:I'm a new member of the equal dollar community. I have not shopped for food...
  • Giving Tuesday

    11/27/2012 11:04:33 AM
    At RHD, we gave thanks last week for all our donors; your generosity helps us help others. Now we invite you to extend the spirit of Thanksgiving by participating in Giving Tuesday, a new national campaign to raise awareness of the importance of giving back to the community. On November...
  • Bethlehem's Cafe the Lodge

    11/19/2012 10:30:59 AM
    Check out RHD's Cafe the Lodge, a full-service cafe staffed by clients at the Mental Health Recovery Lodge, featured in The Express-Times: "Bethlehem's Cafe the Lodge provides work, funding for the mentally ill." I especially like that the Cafe has become so much a part of the community; to call...
  • You can help our New Jersey programs recover from Hurricane Sandy

    11/12/2012 11:12:35 AM
    Stacy Olsen, a program director in New Jersey, sent these photos along to show us the devastation to her neighborhood, our staffers' homes and the area where we run programs to support people with mental health issues, people in addiction recovery, and people experiencing homelessness. It's just heartbreaking, and at...
  • Future Search

    11/06/2012 10:07:51 AM
    Join RHD's Future Search Network to learn how applying Future Search principles enables a community, company or organization to transform its capability for action. RHD's Future Search Network is an international membership and training organization designed to stimulate innovative community planning using Future Search conferences. Next conference is Dec. 10-12,...
  • 'We love this place'

    11/01/2012 10:56:33 AM
    Now on MyRHD-TV, Equal Dollars members Valerie and Phyllis describe how they met through the Equal Dollars program, how they use their Equals, and how they enjoy earning more by volunteering. RHD's Equal Dollars Community Currency is a non-interest bearing currency that promotes the exchange of goods, services and labor...