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  • Mr. Potter is not defensible

    12/28/2011 3:49:20 PM
    I watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” over the holidays, as I do every year. A colleague of mine was saying the other day that he usually gets teary about 55 seconds in, when Janie sends up her prayer for her father, and said he’s never made it past Mr. Gower’s...
  • I have no problem with that

    12/20/2011 5:14:20 PM
    One of the ways you know the Occupy movement has had an impact is that people are now talking about income inequality. Of course, some people out there are coming out in favor of it, but still ...Rick Santorum came out in favor of income inequality in a speech in...
  • Oh, this was a terrible idea

    12/14/2011 11:57:58 AM
    Today's edition of: "Wait, what?" is brought to you by Forbes, and a gentleman named Gene Marks, who thought it would be a good idea to write an article titled: "If I were a poor, black kid." I am not making that up. Presumably sentient human beings looked at this,...
  • Attempt at voter suppression must not stand

    12/13/2011 4:27:13 PM
    The editorial board of One Step Away, Philadelphia's street newspaper, met Tuesday morning and discussed HB 934, Pennsylvania's proposed Voter ID law. The editorial board, made up largely of people currently or formerly experiencing homelessness, issued this editorial:So the state of Pennsylvania, while arguing that they have to cut services...
  • You're welcome, Detroit

    12/12/2011 12:27:49 PM
    Several months ago, we met with some homelessness providers from Detroit. They took a particular interest in One Step Away, Philadelphia's street newspaper that we publish. One Step Away editor Kevin Roberts and lead writer Erik Younge (who at the time was a resident of one of our homeless shelters,...
  • The 1 percent

    12/09/2011 4:15:44 PM
    Defending the 1% these days is a tough task. So some people are out there with a new approach, arguing that there really is no 1%.Among others, Reihan Salam and Economics 21 are writing now about the notion that the “1%” is kind of a moving target. As Salam writes:...
  • Values Day

    12/07/2011 4:08:00 PM
    Here's my opening speech at Values Day, welcoming staff and clients from across the country who came to celebrate the Values that guide us here at Resources at Human Development:Values Day
  • Santa Claus is comin' to RHD

    12/05/2011 2:22:46 PM
    Thanks to all who turned out for Philadelphia Councilwoman Donna Reed-Miller's holiday toy drive at RHD. Motorcycle clubs from around the country gathered at RHD with toys for needy kids; it was an overwhelming crowd and a great day.It just goes to show that the measure of a person is...
  • Sen. Toomey's staff visits RHD

    12/01/2011 3:49:13 PM
    Thanks to James Fitzpatrick, Sen. Pat Toomey's (R-Pa.) chief of staff for the southeast region, for stopping by RHD's central office for a visit Thursday. Mr. Fitzpatrick was incredibly gracious and generous with his time, including a lengthy informal Q & A session with several of our employees, including some...