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  • Guest blog: 10 Rules for Survival

    06/29/2011 12:45:08 PM
    This blog is open to anyone at RHD who wants to join the conversation. Today Erik, a formerly homeless man who writes for our One Step Away street newspaper, posts about attending "Knowing Your Rights: 10 Rules Of Survival When Being Stopped By The Police – Getting Your Child Home...
  • Best. Healthcare. Ever.

    06/22/2011 1:10:58 PM
    We've had the healthcare debate in this country. We've argued it, and argued it. The U.S. for-profit healthcare system delivers consistently works worse than government healthcare in every other industrialized nation in the world, and we pay way more for it. Worse, and more expensive.If this was a car, and it...
  • Read! Read! Read!

    06/16/2011 4:48:23 PM
    I'm told this blog has been kind of angry lately, so I'd like to mention something enjoyable and fun and kind of sweet.In 1971, the children's librarian at the newly-opened public library in Troy, Michigan, wrote to a number of notable people asking them to write a letter to the...
  • Get a job? Get a clue

    06/13/2011 12:25:43 PM
    Perusing my Sunday Inquirer, I was struck by a letter to the editor from a gentleman named Jonathan Goldstein in Narberth. Jonathan is a frequent letter writer to the newspapers. Hopefully some of them aren't horrible.In this one, Jonathan writes about the people who protested Philadelphia councilman Frank DiCicco's attempts...
  • Report: People with disabilities face substantial barriers

    06/12/2011 11:13:00 AM
    The first-ever world report on disability is out, and shows that people with disabilities are more than twice as likely to find healthcare provider skills inadequate to meet their needs, and nearly three times more likely to report being denied needed health care. Children with disabilities are less likely to...
  • We can bring the neighborhood back

    06/10/2011 1:57:14 PM
    RHD's Brothers' Keepers Hope Improvement program is an employment program providing jobs and life training for ex-offenders and adjudicated youth. Among the many wonderful things our Brothers' Keepers folks do is helping dilapidated houses become homes again, and helping neighborhoods take steps toward renewal. They're working on a house in...
  • Don't go home! You stay right there!

    06/09/2011 1:06:45 PM
    This is jaw-dropping video, and rather neatly showcases the major problem with our political system. In Iowa, state senator Shawn Hamerlinck addresses a group of college students who've come to the state capitol to testify on budget cuts to their education.The senator, a Republican, tells the kids: Go home."I do...
  • 'We already have a law that works'

    06/07/2011 10:51:37 AM
    RHD Communications Manager Kevin Roberts, who serves editor for One Step Away, has an op-ed submission in the Philadelphia Daily News today on the current fight to amend Philadelphia's Sidewalk Behavior Ordinance.RHD is one of dozens of providers and advocates fighting these changes, because we believe they absolutely represent a...
  • Leaving prison for good

    06/03/2011 2:27:25 PM
    My friend Bryant tells me it’s not always easy to do the right thing. But it helps to have a community that’s counting on him, and more importantly a community that believes him. That’s why he smiles every Friday when I tell him: I’ll see you Monday.“Sometimes, honestly, that’s what...