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  • Richard Maybaum: Living the Values

    01/27/2011 12:34:20 PM
    By Richard MaybaumDirector, VisionsIn light of the tragedy in Arizona and the subsequent speeches, I can’t help but think that the common ground so many are searching for is the very ground that RHD stands upon. For how great America is, how much better would this country be if it...
  • Join the conversation!

    01/27/2011 12:31:30 PM
    We always envisioned that the RHD blog would become, much like RHD itself, a community in which everyone can have a voice and be heard. We believed we could see, played out right here on our website, decentralized, multi-level thinking and communication that illustrates the cornerstone upon which RHD is...
  • Helping protect those in need in winter

    01/12/2011 1:40:33 PM
    When normally warm areas are hit with suddenly freezing temperatures, it becomes vital to protect those without shelter against the weather. In New Orleans this week, homeless shelters are adding beds, waiving admission fees and accepting anyone with a valid ID.RHD has a number of thriving programs in the New...
  • 'A sense of purpose and joy'

    01/10/2011 11:48:57 AM
    A parent in Missouri wrote to our staff there expressing thanks for the way her daughter was treated, and what her family found there. The staff at RHD Missouri, and at our Blank Canvas Studios there, are amazing people and they do terrific work. Like all the people all across...